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Nantong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Baosteel Group
Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company
Handan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd Handan Iron and Steel in North Project
Liuzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
MCC South Engineering Co., Ltd.
MCC South Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Iron and Steel Project
Fujian Sanming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Bao Metallurgical Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Industrial Furnaces
West Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Tangshan Iron and Steel Group
Qinghai Western Hydropower Co., Ltd.
Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Shangluo Smelter
Silver Nonferrous Metals (Group) The third smelter
Great Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Jiujiang Wire Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Qingsong Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Jinquan Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd.
Hanzhong Bayi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Copper Industry Group Detong Branch
Yunnan Jinxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Turpan Industry and Mining Co., Ltd.
Hulunbeier Dongneng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Qinghai Yanhu Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Jianye Qingsong Group Co., Ltd.
Yunnan Jinxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Yixing Chemical Units Equipments Co., Ltd.(YUntong Group)
Panzhihua Zidong Titanium S&T Co., Ltd.
Tongliao JInmei Chemical Co., Ltd.
Jinan Huangtai Gas Stove Co., Ltd.
Zhongye Jingcheng Equipments Technology Co., Ltd.
Shan’xi Yanchang Petroleum Group Fluoride and Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Mingde Investment Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhongganglian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
China Nonferrous Metal Construction Co., Ltd.
Nei Monggol Cifeng Xingye Group
Shanxi jincheng Tianji Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
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